The Process

Our designers are key when creating any Dottir design visualizing each creative idea with a prototype. Once approved the production process can begin.

Producing our designs is typically a lengthy process. After handing over our designs to our carefully selected partners numerous samples will be made testing both shape and glazes prior to our final approval for production. The shapes of our designs are complex and require unique glazes. It is a process only very few manufacturers in the world are skilled enough to handle as it requires advanced production methods and handling.



Making ceramics is a complicated process. All parts of the production are made by hand, which is why no two finished products are identical, neither in size nor color of glaze. This is part of the uniqueness.

The designs are cast in handmade plaster molds and the casting process is affected by both humidity, how often the mold has been used and which technique each caster uses. Once removed from the mold the design is finished by hand with a sponge before it is ready to be fired in two rounds of firing.

Many of our most unique designs are composed using several individual parts prior to the finishing and firing process. Temperature, type of kiln and position of the item inside the kiln will affect the final expression of the design. Many of our glazes are sensitive to both thickness of the glaze and kiln temperature, which is why they may differ in color.

Last, but not least, the bottom of the design is polished by hand and given the Dottir logo ensuring the buyer that it is an originally designed product and handmade by a craftsman.




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